- BIO -

Luiz Fernando Farias de Almeida – artist name FNX – was born on November 14, 1989, in Belém do Pará, Brazil. Already rapping as a child, he took to trap-style after moving to Switzerland in his teens. Growing up, FNX imitated every MC heard and was mostly listening to Hip- Hop music. He was rapping in English, but later changed to rap his lyrics in Portuguese.

The underground parties in Europe provided a platform in form of freestyle battles. It is here where he kicked off his career as an MC after singing his first rhymes. Soon later, he recorded some tracks in Switzerland, which would went viral and made FNX, who settled definitely in Switzerland, a well known name.

"Compromisso" was FNX's first single which he released in 2017. His independent distribution strategy was so good enough that the song played in regular and continuous rotation at Radio SRF in Switzerland. This success marked kind of his first landmark. Six months later, his first mixtape – "oSHOW "– released by BeatLoko (DJ Cia, RZO) hit the streets after FNX was under contract with them. It led to a significant success throughout Switzerland and across Europe.

He gained widespread recognition as the first musician who built a bridge between his home country (Brazil) and Europe. The popularity and thereof media attention led to interviews with TV-stations and newspapers. FNX then released three other significant singles. The first two were featuring Raffa Moreira called "MCM" and "oJOGO," followed by "Mask Off," featuring Predella.

The music industry recognized FNX as a leading artist in Brazil and Europe. FNX brought up a new Hip-Hop generation, and its culture appealed to various audiences. At the 2012, Badenfahrtt Festival“, he performed his first international show in front of 3’000 people. His continuing success also allowed him in 2017 to perform among the top Brazilian artists in São Paulo in front of an audience of not less than 20’000 people. The performance was the first Carnaval Hip-Hop block named "BlocoBeatloko".

FNX went back to Switzerland to record the album "Novo Brasil" in collaboration with producers like Mason Taylor, MkthePlug and 'grammy nominee‚ The Martianz.

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